Prague Race is the story of a girl who’s always wanted more--she just didn’t expect it to come in the form of a handy parasite living in her back. With only one year left to live, she’s going to make the most of it in the strange secret world behind the veil.
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A young noble lady steals her brother’s identity and his ship to sail across the world to find love and adventure, and to write a book about her favourite subject: the fascinating life cycle of sea sponges!
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Posted April 10, 2018 at 3:02 pm

I still have lots of trouble with things like promoting the updates, or even mentioning that I have a comic hnn
hNNNGGHhhhhhh h h 

People have been extremely helpful and understanding, I've got nothing but positive feedback and even if I was away for an entire YEAR (not two years, even if I wrote so up there, I've no idea where that came from sigh)
I also never anticipated Tiger, Tiger to get such a warm welcome!! I'm still reeling from it and I'm really confident that it's gonna be a story worth telling, and that Prague Race is also a story worth finishing.

I would never have made it this far if it wasn't for Hiveworks (ESPECIALLY ISA WHO HELPED ME SO MUCH with PRace) and MY BEAUTIFUL DARLING SUSPU who keeps kicking my ass to get up and work on things

And also just honestly all the encouraging feedback I've gotten from people, I promise to work hard and I promise to finish these stories because you all deserve it and I deserve it SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN ME! I'll work hard from now on!

I will write something about the hardship I've had with PRace, but it's a l o n g s t o r y so it deserves its own blog post!

and bottoms up for the coming spring!!!